Disney ButtonsHave you ever been to the Disneyland Resort on a special occasion and wanted to let everyone know that you were there for a celebration? Well you’re in luck because The Disneyland Resort has a button for you!

Go shorty it’s your birthday…there’s a button for that. Nice day for a white wedding? There is a button for that. It’s your anniversary! There is a button for that. First time at Disneyland? Yes there is a button for that. Promotion at work? You guessed it there is a button for that, but this button will just say “I’m Celebrating!”, but it is a button nonetheless, and everyone will want to know what you’re celebrating.

These are the popular buttons you will see, but there are buttons for special events, we’ve even collected different Cars themed buttons while visiting Flo’s V8 Cafe in Cars Land. The abundance of buttons is impressive, so how do you get these buttons?

Cars Button

Life is a highway, and it’s made of buttons!

There are many places to score a button. The most popular place will be City Hall at Disneyland or Guest Relations at Disney California Adventure. City Hall is almost always crowded for this and many other requests, so plan on waiting at least 20 minutes to get your button here. Guest Relations at DCA is far less crowded in our experience, so this may be a better (and faster) way to get your button of choice.

If these aren’t an option for you, just pop into any shop on Main Street at Disneyland or Buena Vista Street at DCA and you can ask a Cast Member for a button. Keep in mind all shops may not offer buttons, but the ones we’ve asked have always obliged. We even got a birthday button from the reservation cart in front of the Plaza Inn Restaurant at Disneyland. The Cast Member made a fancy birthday button for our son, and even drew some cool Mickey ears.

So I have my button, what other powers do these buttons hold? Well you may be serenaded with a birthday song by one of the entertainers. Many Cast Members will give you a nice welcome if it’s your first time to the resort, wish you a happy birthday, or congratulate you if you’re simply celebrating something.

We’ve even seen people receive stickers, or in rare cases front of the line passes for a fun attraction, so make sure you wear your button proud because you never know!

So the next time you visit the Disneyland resort for a special occasion, don’t forget to pick up your free button because you’ll be glad you did.

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