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Hello there! It’s been awhile since we’ve done Funtastic Disney Trivia, so we thought you deserved a little dose, and this week we’re talking about the Mark Twain Riverboat!

Located in Disneyland Park in Frontierland, the Mark Twain Riverboat was the first paddle wheeler built in the United States in 50 years when the attraction first opened in 1955. On that same opening day, to christen the boat a bottle of water (collected from several major American rivers) was broken across the vessel’s bow! The actress Irene Dunne actually had trouble getting the bottle to break, and it it took more than a few times to get the bottle to break.

Elijah on Mark Twain Riverboat

Today is Dapper Day right?

The pilot of the Mark Twain Riverboat signals the departure and arrival of the ship from the wheelhouse on the upper deck, but did you know they don’t actually steer the boat at all? No, the boat actually travels along an I-beam guide rail, and the pilot is just the lookout to ensure that the vessel doesn’t hit any other water craft like Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes and the Rafts to Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island.

Can you guess how big the Mark Twain Riverboat is compared to some of it’s Mississippi Riverboat predcessors? It’s actually a 5/8 scale version standing 28 feet high, weighing 150 tons, and coming in at a length of 105 feet!

Mark Twain Riverboat

Here’s a fun tip:

When you take your voyage, ask a Cast Member if you can help steer the boat with the pilot in the wheelhouse on the upper deck! It’s not a guarantee, but if you do you may even get to blow the whistle, and you get a souvenir pilot’s certificate to boot!

Well there you go! Hopefully you’ve learned a little more about the Mark Twain Riverboat. Make sure you make it a point to take a ride on your next visit. It’s one of our favorite attractions to relax and enjoy the scenery, and we hope it becomes one of yours too!

Evan on Mark Twain Riverboat

I can steer this thing!

Until next time…

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