In the summer temperatures get HOT, especially when you are at the Disneyland Resort surrounded by a ton of other guests! If you’re looking to cool down while visiting Disney California Adventure check out these cool tips, but today it’s all about where to get your chill on at Disneyland. This is how we do it!

To keep it fun we will rank each spot with a cool factor rating, maximum score is 10.

Ahoy Matey!

Pirates of the Caribbean is an awesome ride to go on no matter what the weather is like, but when it’s as hot as a firecracker it’s even better! The line for this ride¬†is almost always short (usually 20 minutes or less even when busy) but the wait is well worth it.

Pirates Wait Time

Cool breezes be comin your way, savvy!

You will take a 14 minute boat cruise through Port Royal and feel the AC, err I mean winds blowing through your hair as you casually get shot at by a menacing bunch of Pirates looking for Jack Sparrow. This ride is great to cool off and you may even get a little wet after the first two mini plunges, but don’t take any booty unless you fancy a swim with Davy Jones!

Cool off factor 8/10

Find Your Laughing Place

Splash Mountain almost always has a long line in the summer months, but if you get a FASTPASS or use the single rider queue, it’s one of the best ways to cool down on a hot summer day!

Not only is this one of the best attractions in the park, it is also one of the best themed with something for your eye to catch around every corner. If you don’t like to get wet, well that’s too bad because the final 5-story ¬†plunge will send a wave of water right over your log, and we can’t remember a time we got off dry.

Splash Mountain

Did you say 5-stories?

Cool off factor 10/10

Lets Get Innovative

If you’re looking for some strong AC and a 5,000 square-foot home to hang out in for an hour then make sure to stop at Innoventions in Tomorrowland. This “Dream Home” showcases what it would be like to live in a home built on current technology. As mentioned the air conditioner in this building is on extra high, so come chill out for a second and see all the latest technology in the old America Sings building.

Speaking of America Sings did you know that many of the animatronic characters in that show still entertain on Splash Mountain? True fact!

Cool off factor 9/10

Take a Cruise Around The World

If you don’t mind hanging out with small animated dolls for 15 minutes, it’s a small world is a great air conditioned attraction to cool off on! Where else can you travel from The Arctic to Africa and maintain the same outside temperature? Did you say it’s a small world? Nice, but be prepared to have the theme song stuck in your head for the remainder of your day!

small worlds dolls

it’s a small world or children of the corn? You’ll just have to find out!

Cool off factor 6/10 (1 point deduction for dolls constantly staring at us)


If you’re getting a little hot under the collar, or you think it would be cool to see a big ball covered in water, well you’re in luck. Disney has one of only a few Kugel Ball’s in the country, and you can check it out right over in Tomorrowland.

Kugel Ball

What’s up guys? I see you like plaids and stripes!

This is a must for our kids when we visit Disneyland when it’s hot and they want to cool down!
Adults may not get too much out of it, but it is a great way to get off of your feet for a little bit and grab a nice cold drink and map out your day.

Cool off factor 5/10 (6/10 if you have a rogue child flinging water at everyone)

The Runner Ups

Try Jungle Cruise, and while you’re in the area check out The Tiki Room, and grab a nice cold Dole Whip.

“In space nobody can hear you scream” unless of course you’re on Space Mountain because in space there is no oxygen which is why your screams wouldn’t be heard! Aside from the screaming the AC combined with the high speed of the coaster makes for a quick cool off session.

Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln is a great 15 minute show in an air conditioned theatre right on Main St. U.S.A.

Last but certainly not least is Haunted Mansion. The temps are cool, and the atmosphere is chilly, what better way to cool off then to take a ride through a cold mansion followed up by a ghostly graveyard!

Haunted Mansion Sign

This place is old! You say they have AC in there huh

Well we’re sure there are many more ways to keep yourself cool while hanging out at Disneyland, if you have any ideas that you like that we didn’t mention, please drop us a comment and let us know!

Until next time…

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