Jedi Training AcademyI’ll admit i’m a Star Wars Nerd! My Father took me to see Star Wars Episode IV when it premiered in 1977 when I was 2 years old and i’ve been hooked ever since. Now that Disney has purchased the property from George Lucas I couldn’t be more excited! This show is so fun…so much so I honestly wish I could be 7 years old again so I can participate. Oh well luckily I have two boys who are almost 8 and 3 years old, so we have many more years of Jedi Training Academy to enjoy!

The Show

The Jedi Training Academy lets potential younglings learn the ways of the force from a true Jedi Master. The Jedi Master will choose about 30 kids to join him onstage for a 25 minute training session complete with Lightsabers (plastic of course) and the signature Jedi robe. The younglings will recite the Jedi Oath and learn some of the ancient battle techniques from a true Jedi Master.

Wait…Do you feel that? There has been a disturbance in the force and it’s time for the younglings to put what they’ve just learned into action against Darth Vadar and the dark side of the force. Do the younglings have what it takes to take down the dark side? They will get their opportunity as the Jedi Master helps them utilize their new found skills to hopefully take out the Sith Lord and his evil companions once and for all!

Darth Vader With Storm Troopers

Jedi Training Academy Tips

The Jedi Training Academy is a really fun show for both children and adults. The Jedi Master makes sure to keep the adults entertained as well with some very funny jokes and banter with the children that will most likely go over their heads, but will make you chuckle nonetheless.

Remember to check the entertainment schedule when you arrive to the resort for show times. Typically there are around 6 shows per day up until about 4:30 pm daily. The shows usually run once hourly starting around 10:30 am. The show runs for approximately 25 minutes.

Try to arrive around 25 minutes before the start of the show so you and your child can sit right up front to get the best possible chance of getting picked by the Jedi Master. Your child will have a better chance of being picked if they wear clothing that stands out such as a bright colored shirt or Star Wars clothing (of course). I’ve also found that when I stand above my child and point down towards the top of his head it grabs the attention of the Jedi Master which has worked more than a few times!

Elijah The Padawan

I wonder if they will still pick me if i’m wearing my “Are you out of your Vulcan Mind” t-shirt?

Parents don’t be afraid to be your child’s cheering section! The Jedi Master will take this into consideration.

Don’t bring your own Lightsaber! One is provided during the show. I feel that this decreases your child’s chances of getting picked. My guess is that the Jedi Master might feel that this child may not follow instructions and try to show off a little more during the show.

Darth Maul With Lightsaber

Though we’ve never tried, we’ve heard that if you make a sign that says something like “Pick Me” or something catchy like “This IS the Jedi Padawan You Are Looking For” this can increase your child’s chances of getting picked. When you are done offer up your sign to another Jedi hopeful so they can have some fun too!

Children must be between 4-12 years of age to participate although they don’t check. Let’s say your child is 3 but capable of following simple instructions for 25 minutes I wouldn’t hesitate to try and get them in the show as it will be a blast for you, the Jedi Master, and your child!

If you arrive to the show right before it starts don’t encourage your kids to sit in front of other children that have been patiently waiting in front (unless the space is available). It would be best to wait for the next scheduled show and arrive early enough to get a seat up front.

Strollers aren’t allowed in the roped off show area and must be placed in designated stroller parking areas.

Parents if you don’t want to sit on the ground in the roped off area with your children you can grab something to eat at the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant which is right in front of the show stage.

Darth Maul

Bonus Tip: If it rains during your visit your kids can still see Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers in Tomorrowland during a meet and greet!

If you and or your children are big Star Wars Fans then you definitely don’t want to miss the Jedi Training Academy. May The Force Be With You!

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